“Computer and cyber security” project is born from the need to answer in a more structured way to the protection necessity and computer safety administration. The services are unrolled by specialized people, with specified certifications, fieldwork with business and consumers that everyday faces difficulties, doubts and news of technology.

Shown below:

  •  Well-time survey and removal of spyware and virus through proactive technologies to provide best protection from damaging programs
  •  Use of different technologies to guarantee a complete protection of computers
  •  Protection from malware, virus, spyware and rootkilt
  •  Centralized management
  •  Monitoring, alarms and integrated reports
  •  Automatic updates of program and database
  •  Protection profiles
  •  mail protection
  •  Exchange mailbox protection
  •  File system protection
  •  Analysis: research of letter string of virus

Heuristic analysis: dynamic emulation of the object instructions in a computer virtual framework